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We Now have DOT Certified Inspectors,

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"All commercial motor vehicles (CMV) that weigh more than 10,000 pounds must undergo annual DOT inspections. A DOT inspection is an inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation to ensure that all the CMV parts and accessories are safe to use, in good condition and working properly."

Eaton Clutch

Exceptional clutch service

Get a FREE clutch adjustment after your new clutch installation.

  • Heavy-duty pick-up trucks

  • Semi trucks

  • 4x4 trucks

Get clutch work done for any truck

  • Fly wheels resurfaced

  • Master and slave cylinders serviced

  • Do-it-yourself clutch kits

  • Brand new fly wheels

  • Fly wheel ring gears

Your all-in-one clutch

service center

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Whether you want to do your clutch replacement yourself or you would rather let someone else handle

your clutch work, come to Huizinga Rebuilding & Truck Parts Inc. Our professional technicians will provide complete clutch service for your truck. If you prefer to do the work yourself, we have all the

parts you need in stock for a clutch replacement.


You’ll also find that we have parts for a farm tractor clutch replacement. While we do not do the labor on farm tractors, we will gladly sell you the parts that you need for your do-it-yourself job.